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Ken White Construction will complete your demolition project professionally, on schedule and on budget. We have experienced operators, specialized equipment and expertise in the industry. Our demolition Ottawa know-how comes from over 50 years in the industry.

Demolition Services Ottawa

No Matter The Building, We Can Demolish It!

Residential Demolition Ottawa

Smaller homes and residential projects are a common type of demolition project. We use a combination of excavators with specialty equipmentto safely dismantle buildings and clear the site. When we finish your residential demolition job, it will be hard to tell there was ever a building there.

Types of Structures

Commercial Demolition Ottawa

Depending on the size of the commercial building, we will vary our approach to the demolition. Many times when dealing with commercial buildings, valuable materials can be manually removed for future use before mechanical intervention.

Types of Structures

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Why Choose KWC Demolition

Ken White Contstruction Plans For Success

Our business is all about high-quality and efficient work. That’s why we plan ahead. This ensures we know how long a demo/clean-up will take and when waste removal will take place. You will have a plan of action prepared before we arrive, so you know what to expect.

Ottawa's Safest Demolition Experience

All our team members are specifically trained for demolition activities, working at heights and more. Additionally, our company is fully insured and WSIB compliant, so you don’t have to worry about liability issues. If you would like to see our proof of insurance, ask!

Environmentally Friendly Waste Removal

We break down all materials on site and compact them as best we can for removal. All materials are transported by dump truck to the proper waste facility. We ensure all waste is disposed or repurposed in an environmentally friendly way. This includes, concrete, wood, metal, plastic and more!

Demolition Permits & Utility Info

What You Need To Know Before Your Demolition Project

With demolitions in Ottawa, you need to obtain a permit. This is the case for demolishing and relocating a structure. The city of Ottawa has a demolition application that you will need to submit. Their staff will review the permit to ensure compliance with applicable law. This includes the Ontario Heritage Act, the Zoning By-law and in some areas, the Demolition Control By-law. The review will also identify any legislative or safety requirements that may need to be followed during or after the demolition. Clearance authorization from utilities confirming services have been disconnected or capped must be obtained as well. For more info, give our staff a call or visit the city of Ottawa website!
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Demolition Ottawa

Work With The Best Demolition Company in Ottawa

You won’t find a team that works harder to achieve your goals then Ken White Construction. We provide expert insight for every aspect of our projects including design services, permits, and consultation. Services are provided within a 60 km radius from our home base in Carp, Ontario. Contact us so we can show you the Ken White Construction difference.