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Trouble Signs

Here is a list of things to be aware of as an on-site septic system owner. Any of these examples could indicate a problem with your septic system. Have any questions or concerns? Contact Ken White Construction today!

Extra Plant Growth/Dead Spots Over Leaching Bed

Grass & other plants over the leaching bed will be green even throughout drought as they are being watered from below. If there is excessive growth it may be a sign that water containing organic material is entering the leaching bed. Any dead spots of grass or plants could mean that the bed has become saturated. In either circumstance, it is advised that you have the tank pumped & inspected. 

Tile Bed Area Frequently Wet & Soggy

The water in the tile bed or leaching bed area may not be draining properly. Therefore, too much water is entering the system & soil in the bed may be clogged. Call a licensed tank contractor & have the system checked. 

Tile/Leaching Bed with Sewage Odour

Solids may not be getting broken down & are retained in the septic tank, entering the leaching bed. This then affects the water draining properly & the pipe may be clogged as a result. Call a licensed tank contractor & have the system checked. 

Sewage Odours from Lift Pump in Home

Your septic system may be too full. Call a licensed tank contractor & have the system checked. 

Black & Oily Liquid Pooling/Bubbling on Surface

Call a licensed tank contractor to have the system checked immediately! This is a sign of a failed system.

Wastewater Backing up in Home

If the level in the tank is at a normal operating level, there are several possibilities. The pipe may be blocked from the house or the inlet baffle may be blocked. There may also be a plumbing problem. In all cases, a call to your plumber is in order. 

If the level in the tank is too high, several possibilities exist as well. The filter (if one is installed) may need to be cleaned or replaced. The pipe to the tile bed may need to be checked. In all cases, call a licensed septic system installer. 

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